Project | ThrowAway

ThrowAway is an animated short video about materialism, a project for university in the 3rd semester in 2014. The dancer was filmed in real time and then transformed into rotorscopy by hand, frame by frame. 


Project | Luisa

Luisa, is a short film about a woman struggling to make peace with her past. It was a project for the 4th semester in 2015. 


Project | Untold

Untold is a short video divided into segments, each capturing a moment in time in which a person is forgotten or does not belong. The "forgotten" characters are frozen in time while the world keeps on turning for others.

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Project | 01

Project | 02

Project | 03

To see my portfolio in PDF form with some more information, including the photographs I took, click on the file to download. >>

Project | 04

Project | RFID

This is one of the projects I did during my internship. My task was to replace the color, labels and any other element in the video that belong to the mother company in Germany with the equivalent from the child company in Austria. Since the original data is lost, I only have the rendered video to work on. A lot of motion tracking and other effects were used for this video.

I also have a short showreel. >>


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